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Airbus proudly welcomes the A220 to the family!

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October 2018

Airbus proudly welcomes the A220 to the family!

On July 10th Airbus revealed the A220 at a ceremony held at its Henri-Ziegler Delivery Centre, near Toulouse. Witnessed by Airbus employees and members of the global news media, the A220-300 landed wearing its new Airbus name and colours. 

The A220 Family comprises two models, the A220-100 and A220-300, formerly Bombardier Inc.’s C-Series (CS100 and CS300). In a typical two-class configuration the A220-100 has 116 seats and the A220-300 141 seats. This capacity complements the A320neo Family at the lower end and the new enlarged Airbus Single-Aisle Family covers all of the market from 100 to 240 seats. 

The A320neo remains the benchmark single-aisle aircraft for the industry with 165 seats in a typical 2-class configuration. The A321neo complements the A320neo on the larger end and is the unrivalled efficiency leader with the capability to carry 206 pax over 4,000nm. Complementing the A320neo on the lower end is the A319neo which is the performance winner aircraft, offering unique capabilities from hot and high airports, short runways and otherwise challenging airports. In a similar size category the A220-300 is the right sized network builder enabling growth from the smaller A220-100 and developing the network for the A320neo size. The A220-100 is the low risk aircraft offering unbeatable economics in the 100 seat category.

New, state-of-the-art jetliners for Airbus’ single-aisle aircraft family

The A220 Family has been specifically designed for the 100-150 seat market, resulting in efficiencies inherent in purpose-built aircraft with an unmatched environmental scorecard.

Designing our cabins with airlines in mind for cost efficiency but passengers at heart for comfort levels, Airbus has always been proud to offer a wider, more comfortable seat than the competition. The cabin of the A220 allows us to continue this trend and passengers can be assured of a comfortable flight.

The A220 Family's reach from the MENA region

With a capacity of up to 160 seats, the A220 Family serves airlines as the perfect route-opener into niche markets with minimum risk.

The A220-100 can cover a distance of up to 2,950nm carrying 116 passengers. As the larger sibling, the A220-300 reaches a distance of up to 3,200nm carrying 141 passengers.

From the Middle East, the A220 Family reaches destinations as far as Central and South Asia, Central and Northern Europe along with Eastern Africa regions.

From North Africa, the A220 Family covers the entire European continent as well as North & Central Africa, in addition to the Middle East. 

Extensive customer support network

The newest member of the family will benefit from the existing customer service organization of Airbus, and the extended presence of a support network in the Middle East, Africa and worldwide – such as customer services regional offices, material distribution centers or training centers. At the same time, technical functions such as in-service engineering, technical data and maintenance engineering will continue to be performed by the teams in Canada. The partnership will bring together the best of both companies working as one team, to ensure successful entry-into-service of the A220 fleets and guarantee and excellent level of support for the in-service fleets.

The A220 has enjoyed a very successful entry into service – there are now more than 40 aircraft flying, having accumulated more than 78,000 flying hours with three operators. The aircraft has achieved up to 18 flying hours per day and up to 10 legs per day proving its versatility in operation.

As part of the latest milestones achieved by the A220, Delta Air Lines’ first A220 took off on its first flight from Mirabel airport, Québec in October. 

There are 402 firm A220 orders; having now joined the Airbus Family we look forward to growing the order book and to supporting our customers and operators worldwide with this great product.

For more information on the A220 Family click here.

For more information please contact:
Afshin Jahanshahi
Marketing Manager - Airbus Africa & Middle East