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A380: 120 million passengers carried

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March 2016

A380: 120 million passengers carried

319 sold, 182 delivered, 19 customers

With 319 firm orders, the A380 enjoys 90% market share vs its main competitor making it the undisputed market leader in its class. 

120 million passengers carried, 100 routes served, 50 destinations, and more to come!

As at the beginning of February, the A380 has carried over 120 million passengers with 319,000 revenue flights, totaling some 2.7 million flight hours.

Europe-Asia remains one of the main A380 markets, especially thanks to passengers connecting via Middle East.

Flying farther than ever...

Emirates, the largest A380 operator, recently made history by operating the world's longest direct flight, between Dubai and Auckland in New Zealand. The flight took 17 hours, 15 minutes which covered a distance of about 13,820 KM (8,588 Nautical Miles).