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Airbus Middle East, a decade of serving the region's commercial aviation

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July 2016

Airbus Middle East, a decade of serving the region's commercial aviation

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the inception of the Airbus Middle East subsidiary. Although Airbus' presence in the Middle East and Africa goes back to the 1970s, in 2006 the company's subsidiary was first established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Initially starting with a small group of commercial and operational staff, very soon Airbus Middle East grew in size with multiple teams and expert groups tasked to support and manage the rapidly expanding demand for Airbus aircraft across the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of the Indian Sub-continent.

The Airbus success story in the region

Today, the Airbus Middle East subsidiary serves the airlines and customers from over 30 countries in three geographies stretching from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. In addition to Commercial activities that are primarily managed from our head office in Dubai Airport Free Zone, United Arab Emirates, the subsidiary offers a wide range of support and services to our customers across the region.

With over 3,700 sq. metres of storage, Satair Middle East (an Airbus subsidiary) provides Material & Logistics support, while the Airbus Pilot Training facilities deliver training for the growing pool of pilots across the Middle East and beyond.

In addition, Airbus Saudi Arabia serves as a subsidiary of Airbus Middle East in the kingdom in order to support and co-ordinate Airbus commercial activities there.

Airbus received its first order from the region in 1978. Since then, Airbus has sold over 1,300 aircraft, of which over 1,000 units were sold from 2006 onwards. This significant demand in such a short period of time not only signifies the fact that this region's incredible potential for global air travel is being unlocked, but thanks to non-stop innovation and continuous development of Airbus products which are in direct response to the needs of the airlines including in Middle East, confidence continues to grow in all Airbus aircraft families. That is why nearly a third of the A350 XWB purchases have originated from this region, and over half of the A380s have also been ordered by our customers in the Middle East. 

With respect to delivering new aircraft, Airbus has delivered more than 800 units to the customers across MENA since 1980. Over 520 of the deliveries were made since 2006. As the demand for commercial aircraft continues to rise, the backlog for Airbus aircraft in this region has been increasing as well. As at the end of 2015, over 630 Airbus aircraft are to be delivered to the airlines and lessors based in the Airbus Middle East region.

Presently, there are over 750 Airbus aircraft flying with some 50 operators across Middle East, North Africa and Sri Lanka. Airlines based in this region take advantage of Airbus aircraft to not only serve their growing domestic and international markets efficiently, but some have also successfully transformed the Middle East into a global hub to connect people from all over the world with efficiency and comfort. A growing trend which we expect to see happening in more ares of our region. 

People who make it happen

The Airbus success story worldwide is founded upon the dedication and commitment of its people, and Airbus Middle East prides itself of this contribution.

Airbus Middle East is also as diverse as the region it serves. In fact, there are more than 75 employees from over 20 nationalities working to deliver the highest quality of service to our growing list of customers around the MENA region.

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Afshin Jahanshahi
Marketing Manager - Airbus Africa & Middle East