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Highlighting 'Innovation' at the 2016 Arabian Travel Market

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July 2016

Highlighting 'Innovation' at the 2016 Arabian Travel Market

Arabian Travel Market is amongst the largest events in our region that is related to the travel and tourism industry. Dating back to 1994, the ATM has been bringing together exhibitors and firms from 52 countries around the world with the aim to showcase the latest trends and technologies. 

Held every year in Dubai, the ATM offers a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and innovations across the region and beyond, and Airbus has been an active participant to the Arabian Travel Market.

'The Impact of Innovation and Technological Change on the Airline Sector' was one subject of the panel discussions in which pannelists from leading global firms took part during this year's ATM. in Addition to Grainne Van Den Berg, the Head of Marketing from Airbus Middle East, participants from Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Emirates, Munich Airport, and Skyscanner exchanged views on this topic.

A321LR range 4,000 nm

As the champion of innovations in aviation, Airbus has been continuously striving for improvement of its products today and offering its vision of tomorrow.

As expressed throughout this panel discussion, Innovations in design, manufacturing, and materials in today's Airbus aircraft, along with more efficient engines have led to considerably increased efficiencies allowing aircraft to either do the same missions at lower cost or increase the range of the aircraft to open new markets.

In the case of the A321LR, airlines will be capable to fly as far as Western Europe and South East Asia from the Middle East, while the A330neo's Middle Eastern customers' reach will be extended to the North American market.

Another important area of innovation mentioned by Grainne is that of the cabin. Airbus is committed to giving the best passenger experience on-board Airbus aircraft.

Airbus cabins today offer the best comfort in the sky and connectivity keeps passengers in touch with home and office during flight; however, as a manufacturer in this business we think about tomorrow as much as today.

A prefect example of our vision for tomorrow is the Future by Airbus. This is where the concept of air travel experience is completely transformed.

Tomorrow's cabins would have multi-purpose 'Interaction Zones' in which passengers will enjoy the activity of their choice, be it a business conference meeting, a romantic meal or even to swing a virtual game of Golf on-board the aircraft.       

Learn more about Future by Airbus here.

See you at the next Arabian Travel Market!

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Afshin Jahanshahi
Marketing Manager - Airbus Africa & Middle East