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Airbus’ A321LR goes the distance to open new horizons for airlines

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March 2018

Airbus’ A321LR goes the distance to open new horizons for airlines

The best-selling A320 Family marked a new milestone with the Paris-to-New York nonstop flight flown by the A321LR, demonstrating this jetliner version’s ability to serve new markets and operate on heavily-travelled North Atlantic routes with the highest levels of efficiency and comfort.

The LR designation is for ‘long range’ and with good reason: the A321LR has the longest range of any single-aisle commercial aircraft today, able to fly 7,400 kilometres nonstop.

Improved aerodynamics and efficient jet engines

The A321LR’s unrivalled efficiency – driven by aerodynamic improvements and state-of-the-art efficient turbofan jet engines – has established its popularity among airlines, with Airbus already notching more than 100 orders for the aircraft; the first customer delivery is expected in late 2018. The interior of the A321LR will be passenger-pleasing as well, with unmatched comfort from the widest single-aisle cabin in the sky, comfortable 18 inch wide seats, extra-large luggage bins and the latest in-flight-entertainment technology.

Complementing the range capability of the A321LR, the cabin caters for full-flat seats for the long-haul comfort. Alternatively on a regional configuration the cabin can fit up to 240 18 inch wide seats.

The A321LR is the next evolutionary step of Airbus’ twin-engine A321neo that has captured more than an 80 percent share in its middle-of-the-market category. Airbus expects the A321LR to continue this trend, as it offers a thoroughly modern replacement for the large number of ageing narrowbody and widebody aircraft facing retirement in the coming years.