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by Fouad Attar

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December 2016

by Fouad Attar

Managing Director
Airbus Middle East

2017 in the Middle East began with news about the growth of Low Cost airlines in our region. 

First was the announcement for the purchase of additional 60 A320neos by Flynas, Saudi Arabia's successful low-cost carrier. As this young airline establishes itself as the kingdom's first and largest LCC, what has been achieved over the years by this airline underscores the contribution of the A320s unbeatable efficiency in the success for low cost operations around the world including here in MENA.

The other news relating to the Low Cost market in this region comes from Oman's very first LCC, Salam Air which recently commenced operations from its hub in Muscat. The airline's first A320 is already flying into its first of many destinations, Dubai and Salalah. 

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate both of these Low Cost airlines on their exciting journeys into the future of Middle East's air travel.

Lastly, I am proud to inform you that the first A320neo aircraft to operate with an airline from our region, has been delivered to join the rest of SriLankan's all-Airbus fleet. Wishing SriLankan all the success.

Thank you

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