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Airbus Office

Airbus has had a permanent commercial office in the region since 2000. In 2006 Airbus established a substantive permanent commercial presence in the region and opened the Airbus Middle East subsidiary in the Dubai Airport Free Zone.

The subsidiary covers all the commercial aspects for the region – sales, marketing and contracts. Also present are permanent representatives from Airbus’ Customer Support team. Co-located with the airline commercial team is the Airbus Corporate Jet commercial team.

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  • Industrial Footprint

    Airbus has a significant industrial presence in the Middle East and North Africa through agreements and partnerships for production capabilities across several countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Morocco.  It also includes training support and development of engineering capabilities, as well as research and development

    Major aerostructure assemblies, composites components, sub-assemblies, metallic detail parts and electrics for all Airbus products are produced in the region. This is facilitated not just by Airbus, but also through partners such as Sogerma and Aerolia, and the extended Airbus supplier network.

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  • Through such a partnership we also provide Education and Training support, directly with placements in Airbus or indirectly via Air Business Academy.

    Airbus is proud to be a strategic partner of many countries in the region.  Airbus industrial presence in the Middle East and North Africa brings benefit to the local economy and the local populous. This also gives advantages to Airbus which gets passed on to the customers and the consumers.

    • Since the creation of Maroc Aviation (a subsidiary of Airbus Group business unit, SOGERMA) in the 1950s. Airbus is collaborating via suppliers, in fact many Airbus’ suppliers have established industrial capabilities offering employment positions carrying out and supporting part and assembly activities.

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  • UAE
    • In the UAE, Airbus works with Strata of Mubadala and TPI of Tawazun Group, directly and via our suppliers FACC, SAAB and SABCA. In fact the first Airbus parts were delivered from the UAE in 2010. UAE is now a major supplier on all Airbus programs
    • In Tunisia, Airbus is collaborating via Stelia, an Airbus Group subsidiary, who has helped to establish an aerospace park with support of key suppliers for both machined and assembly components.

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