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Market Presence & Forecast Airbus Middle East Coverage Forecast for the Region

An Introduction

Since its creation over three decades ago, Airbus has enjoyed an ever-growing partnership with the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. From the first order for an A300 aircraft placed in 1978, today nearly 700 aircraft have been delivered and more than 1,200 aircraft have been ordered by airlines in the region.

Airbus has evolved into a key element of the flourishing airline industry in the MENA region with cutting-edge products and reliable services.

A decade ago, Airbus made a strategic decision to create an Airbus Middle East subsidiary based in the Dubai Airport Free Zone. This is due to the region’s unprecedented growth in air transportation sector, geographical location and fast paced economic development.

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Historical trend and Future Forecast

Thanks to advantageous geographical location, rich natural resources, increasingly educated young population, and developing tourism industries across this region, the Middle East and Northern Africa has, over the past years, been able to emerge as air traffic cross roads of global importance.

Historically, the region has also proved its resilience and ability of quick recovery to regional and global downturns affecting air travel

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The region’s airlines are using their geographic advantage with great effect.

Taking Abu Dhabi as an example, 99.9% of the global urban population is included within a range circle of 15,000 km centred on the city. In other words, a VLA like the A380 could be used to connect 99.9% of urban people from Abu Dhabi with a direct flight.ns affecting air travel Airbus’ latest Global Market Forecast predicts an annual growth rate of 6.2 per cent in air traffic for the Middle East region.

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2015 - 2034

New Aircraft Deliveries to Middle East 

TOTAL 2,457 

Aircraft demand forecast 

According to Airbus Global Market Forecast, the total passenger fleet of airlines domiciled in the Middle East will grow by 2,361 new passenger aircraft deliveries by the end of 2034.

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